In the work of Jana Rusch the future is already here and yet somehow it is still unreal.

a text by  Miriam Elebe /art historian
(an extract from


What do we have here? Good question! Are they really fields or, rather, green landscapes?

It looks like a futuristic cityscape, a different reality or even an urban utopia that is intangible.

In her new series “green fields”, artist Jana Rusch deals even more intensively with the subject

of acceleration, movement, structure and forms of life.

While her movements seem quick when applying paint to the canvas, her compositions are actually very well thought out.

Layer by layer she works, capturing the power of her movements. Old maps are partly incorporated until they disappear completely.

The works of Jana Rusch are to be understood as a kind of metamorphosis of the urban,

in which speed makes the old structure appear like a world in confusion.

The old, the familiar, thus merges with the new, so that one can hardly recognize or perceive it. The result is a transient perception of a world conditioned by speed.

Jana Rusch’s development is clearly visible. Her current work shows colours, shapes, structures and a human void, which we are not used to from her in this way. It may seem disturbing to the viewer, but that is exactly the point.

The utopian challenges us to discuss new living spaces.

We see surfaces that radiate a certain airiness and calmness through the brushstroke. The absence of people, streets and cars, which used to be typical features of the artist’s oeuvre, makes her new compositions seem boundless, open and decelerated. This is about letting those new living spaces take their full effect on us and giving in to this special deceleration by leaving familiar thought patterns behind.


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