I deal with forms and structures of human habitats. I play with the contrast between urbanity and nature, creating strange landscapes that are organic and urban at the same time. As an artist, geographer and economist, I show in mylarge - format art works non - utopian landscapes. I connect them cartographic with the earth using Ferraris maps from 1777 - the time before Anthropocene  - as a proof for their real existence. I create new forms, structures and ways of thinking of human existence on earth and live them through
innovative projects. Bruno Latour and the current exhibition "Critical Zones" at ZKM - Center for Art and Media in Karlsruhe exert a great impact on my paintings and projects. I love the unity between paintings&projects. It creates a easily understandable access to art, provides answers to the abstract question "Where are we now?" and enables first realizable steps on a long journey that lies ahead of us as humanity.


1979 born in Kazakhstan
2000 - 2006 studies at RWTH - AACHEN UNIVERSITY / focus of study: Geography | Economic Geography / National Economy / Urban Planning - graduation as Master of Arts (M.A.)
2006 Master’s thesis: Renewable Energies - structures & urban opportunities: a geographical comparison between Germany & China
2003 - 2006 numerous trips and stays to the major metropolitan areas of the world (New York, Moscow, Shanghai, Beijing ...)
2006 - 2007 guest studies at the China Academy of Art | Department of Oil Painting (no graduation)

2006-2014 Saint Gobain Glass Deutschland GmbH - project management, press relations, team - coordination

Since 2014 visual artist, based in Eupen, Belgium
2019 - 2021 art fellowship grant of Eastbelgium
Since 2018: cooperation with the Visual Computing Institute at RWTH (VCI) - Aachen University. Project: Rilievo - Artistic Scene Authoring via Interactive Height Map Extrusion in VR
This project was awarded with a presentation at SIGGRAPH - world's largest virtual reality congress in Washington D.C. and a publication in Leonardo - the leading international peer-reviewed journal on the use of contemporary science and technology in the arts and music Leonardo, Volume 53, Issue 4 This project is not yet finished.

2020 nominated for the Promotion Award KREATIVSONAR - creative economy Saarland and Rhineland - Palatinate
2021 awarded with the Queen Paola Award for special merits in the Corona period.
2021 relaunch of the art network Open Art Sunday - Art Route in the Border Triangle of the Euregio Meuse - Rhine. Responsible for the
network and communication
2021 brings the concept of the art vending machine to Belgium - first collaborative and internationally operated art vending machine in Belgium


IKOB Art Collection, Museum of Contemporary Art
Art Collection of the German - speaking Community of Belgium
renowned private collections